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Dishwasher Won't Finish?

Always check your dishwasher screens after each wash for food and debris which may affect the performance and longevity of your unit.

TIP If your dishwasher is not going thruogh all of the cycles and stops in the middle of washing. You may have a drain or fill issue where the water is not coming in fast enough or not draining fast enough. Check inside your dishwasher and garbage disposal for possible clogs that may be slowing drainage. If found, clean it out and try to run the cycle again.

Preparing For A Repair

Sometimes a little bit of prehperation can go a long way but sometimes it can be best to leave it as it is!

Here are a few do's and don'ts to save time for your repair technician which will be saving you money!


If you have freezer or refridgerator problems, it is a good idea to remove all the food from the unit prior to the arrival of your technician. You can usually leave items in the doors if needed but by removing the other items, you will not have to pay the extra time in labor that it takes a repair man to do it.


If your freezer has frost build up, it is a good idea to turn the unit off and defrost it the day befor a repair but be sure to turn it back on a few hours befor the repair so the unit can be properly tested.


If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask!



Dryer Not Heating?

Dryer vents should be cleaned out once a year to reduce the risk of fire and yes we clean vents!

Fridge Not Cooling?

You should never see a frost build up in your freezer.

There are many reasons that a fridge might stop cooling but there are also a few signs to look for that will tell you if the reason is simple or more complex.


If you have frost or ice build up in the freezer it means that your defrost system is not functioning. This may cause your fridge compartment to get warm do to vents being blocked but fear not! This can almost always be repaired at a very reasonable price!


TIP If you remove your food and allow the freezer to defrost completely (about 1-2 days in most cases) the refrigerator and freezer should work well for about a week or two until the frost builds back up again. Which would indicate a major problem.

 TIP Check before you call! When a dryer is not heating but it still turns on, it is not certain that the dryer is the issue, first be sure to check your breaker box. A household dryer runs on a 220 circut. This means that the breaker which supplies the power to the unit will be a double pole (it will take up two slots and have two sets of numbers on it). Often the two poles are connected to eachother. Flip your breaker off and then back on to insure that the unit is receiving full power. Then check for heat again becuase it is possible that the breaker only tripped on one side. If this problem happens often, give us a call and we will fix you up!

We service and repair all in home appliances!


From the kitchen to the wash room, if it can break we can fix it! Don't hesitate to give our technicians a call to discuss your  appliance problem. Most often we can give you a free estimation right over the phone! Below are a few common issues and a few tips on how to get by untill your repair can be made as well as how to prepair for a technician.

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